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 Altair: The Flying One

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(I hope you don't mind me joining here Mahina! And this is a WIP)

"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better." -Albert Camus


Altair (pronunciation: al-TARE)

Name Meaning:
Is Arabic for bird

Alt, Alty, Ally, Bird, Feathers, Atlantis, Altlanta, Latir, Alto, Alter, Oxy

Three years and four months


Genetics and Make up

Varies in length based on the season. In the winter and fall Altair's coat becomes a heavy, fluffy shag of fur that keeps him warm in the coldest of nights. The spring and summer bring forth a long shedding season until it light enough that he does not have many heat stress issues. Most of the time, his coat is longer and shaggier.

Fur Color:
A light ginger on the top of his back to near his stomach. His mid jaw, chest, paws, and stomach are white. The ginger changes to a darker colour when it gets to his ears and tail. Darker ginger eyebrows are a feature that exist on his fur also.

Eye Color:
A pale amber that is almost colourless. In different lighting and enviroments, they can appear to be any colour. Blue, green, brown, and amber are the most common. It just depends on how his eyes are looked at; what angle.

Scars ravage his body but are invisible due to his long coat. No prominent markings are conspicuous on him.

He is built very large, even for a brute. Intervention by humans led to selective breeding; his mother and father were the largest two wolves in captivity. He weighs about 78 kg and stands about 3 and a half feet tall at the shoulder.

Father- Wolf #6739 (called himself Makeen)
Mother- Wolf #8142 (called herself Omorose)
Brother(s)- Kek
Sister(s)- Kalilah and Naunet

None at the moment.

When he's in a good mood, he is very easy to get along with and has a happy-go-lucky view of things. With his strong sense of justice he will sometimes argue with others about what they are doing/will do. There aren't many things that anger him to the point of becoming violent, but abusing a female is the one thing he detests the most. Once he's in the state of mind that he initiates his violent side not a thing can stop him until he collects. When he's in said state, he will lash out at anyone who gets in his way.

He may act tough around certain wolves, but in reality he is a big softy who wishes for nothing but peace. When around wolves he cares about, he just melts. He will do anything for a fae who means the world to him because he will only desire for her to be happy. If she is to choose another, he will wish her the best and he will still care for her. Around said fae, he will trip over himself to please her. He is a real gentleman who makes sure that he does not lead anyone on or that the fae is taken care of.

Prefers to settle disputes with words rather than fighting. Is a really smooth talker and is able to talk others into calming down. He has a way with words that makes it a matter of ease to convince others that there are more than one side to a disagreement.

Is very social. Altair prefers to be with other wolves because he used to be all alone. He found that he didn't like that much, therefore he keeps company with at least one other.

He is a very open wolf. His emotions are easy to read because he "wears his heart one his sleeve". All emotions are reflected in the depths of his eyes because he does not believe in hiding what he feels.



"There are two freedoms, the false where one is free to do what he likes, and the true where he is free to do what he ought." -Charles Kingsley


His stature makes him lose more energy than more wolves. It is difficult for him to keep pace with others; he tends to stop more to conserve energy. Since he lived in captivity for most of his life, he is unsure of how to hunt. At times, he has an insatiable blood thirst that makes him very dangerous to be around. Has a short temper that snaps rather quickly but only if there is something that really gets on his nerves. He can be very hot-headed; he tends to challenge others who he believes are incorrect about matters that tend to be miniscule.

He is very large; his massive stature gives him an intimidating figure. He knows how to fight despite only being free for a year. He has a strong sense of justice and it's almost impossible to convince him to do something that goes against his high moral. Is very friendly; he can make friends rather easily. When he's in a good mood, he radiates an aura that has the tendancy to make others feel better. Always, always takes responsibility for his actions.

A very talented fighter. He is able to stop fights with carefully chosen words at the time when conflicts are about to arise.

For some odd reason, he tends to gravitate towards flowers and anything that's pretty. Always stands up for faes due to his father's lessons.

Nothing of the moment.






Mate or Pups:
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Altair: The Flying One
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